Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Youtube tribute to Alaska's Ted Stevens.

It has been discovered that Alaska's illustrious asshole senator Ted Stevens was the mystery man that (in the middle of the night) blocked a bill to create a searchable database of government contracts to add some transparency to these deals.

I wonder why the same man that provided us with a wonderful 200 million dollar bridge to an island with a population of less than 50 people would do something like that? God knows Halliburton and KBR would grind to a halt if it were ever placed under something as horrifying as public scrutiny.

Probably the funniest part of all this is that they found out who it was by asking a hundred senators if they were the culprit, and only Ted Stevens didn't deny it.

Unless he changes his mind and removes his block, the bill will never be voted on. Knowing this, I decided to whip up a little youtube tribute to this great man, expert on government accountability and l33t hax0r of various internet tubes.

In related news, If you don't want jackasses like him running the internet, visit and sign the petition.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Update on last post

Assault charges have been pressed against Mr. Asshole golfer from the last post. He's not answering his phone or his door, so it looks like he might be arrested. Yay.

Also in the schadenfreude department, Dan Lacey, the creator of the webcomic faithmouse has gotten himself into severe debt by reportedly not having a bloody job and spending all his free time posting to messageboards and somehow managing to pump out a whole two or three comics a week.

Things are looking up.

Monday, August 07, 2006

My brother gets attacked at a golf course.

Ok, so my brother (who is around 18) is at this golf course. Golf is a major part of his life, and he wants more than anything to be a professional. He usually plays at a lesser course because we don't have a lot of money, but in this instance he had won passes in a tournament so he was playing in a fairly hoity toity course.

Anyway, there's a guy playing behind him for quite awhile and he has someone playing right in front of him. Normal situation at a busy course as far as I know (also, I should mention I know nothing about golf personally) when this guy starts demanding that he be able to play through. My brother explains that he's only playing as fast as he can, and that even if he played through he wouldn't be getting anywhere.

Some words were exchanged, but if I know my brother (and I do) he was as courteous as he could be. This guy literally attacks him as his girlfriend, not knowing what else to do records this. The video explains better than I do.


We got him kicked off the golf course and are thinking about assault charges.