Friday, April 21, 2006

Stolen video phriday!

A question, if I may, what the fuck relevance does the white house press gaggle have anymore? Other than to declare "White house refuses to comment on [insert Bush scandal-o-the-week here]"?

Why not just put up a huge brick wall with an idealized caricature of Bush painted on it and let the WH press corps bounce rubber balls off of it for an hour or two a day? Keeps the press busy and preoccupied from what a disaster the country is becoming and no need to hire and fire a moving target like Scotty boy. Win-win I tells ya.

So Bush scrapes past rock bottom and into dangerously unstable new lows in his approval, and what great steps do his handlers take to save his sorry ass? Start handing out help wanted sections of local papers to his soon to be ex staff it seems.

Because that's the way it works in Bush's world. Didja ever notice that when old Dubya tries to explain complimuhcated things to us simple folk, he gets this look on his face that just screams "Don't these fucking ya-hoos get it? Am I the only one that gets it?”? In his world, the message isn't wrong, just the messenger, the method. If only that goddamn 67% of the population started paying attention, they'd see that cold war style saber rattling is a GOOD thing. That destabilizing the Middle East and taking sides in a conflict as old as time simply makes sense, if I've ever met a group that so believes in the saying "The ends justify the means." as these guys, I don't remember it.

"Bu-bu-but you don't understand..."

I'd like to set the record straight here, we've been listening. We heard you. We get it. We still think you're all bugfuck insane.

That, and the ends don't justify the means. The means *are* the end, in the process of becoming.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Electronic Woes

<-- My computer.

RAID set failed and lost my entire bleedin' system. Will post as soon as I get all this junk worked out.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Take this one with a little salt.

I'm a regular at Something Awful, which is, in my opinion probably the best humour site on the net, and I stumbled across this thread which claims to reveal many of the disgusting personal secrets of the higher-ups in the Whitehouse.

I realize most of this is incredible and unverifiable, but is it really that much more unbelievable than the answers that come out of Scotty during press conferences?

I, despite my inherent skepticism for these sorts of things, find myself sort of believing it, it just has a ring of truth to it, especially the bit about Cheney being drunk when he shot the lawyer and the bit about Tom Ridge being totally OCD. It explains the duct tape thing that I named the blog after as an homage to him, anyway.

Check it out, if nothing else it's entertaining.

Friday, April 07, 2006

What's it gonna take? (Revisited)

Is it just me, or is Bush looking more and more haggard every day? Seriously, if the man weren’t responsible for as many dead bodies as he is, I’d feel sorry for him.

Could it be the crash and burn approval ratings? The loss of support from his own base? A fierce and focused democratic opponent? (Just kidding on that last one…)

Tom Delay? Iraq? Immigration? No, I think something else has him soiling his suit. Another wonderful demonstration of the worst case scenario situations that seem to keep coming up with this guy. I have to admit, I’m surprised. I wouldn’t have given him enough rope to hang himself in the first place, but I never would have believed he would have the propensity for colossal fuck ups he’s proven he does. But that’s me, I’m still amazed he’s been permitted to go as far as he has, let alone been allowed to leave the house or eat a pretzel without a specially designed helmet.

All they see right now in the white house is a smart, focused, no bullshit prosecutor that believes in the system and the rule of law asking a lot of questions, and expecting answers even! I can smell them shitting themselves from here, Bush and company don’t “do” that whole answering questions truthfully thing.

I look forward to documenting the self-destruction of his legacy and following. It has already started, Some people are just more polite about how they tell him to fuck off.