Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A glimmer of hope

A lot of the time, the lags between my posts have to do with my fatigue, or despair at the headlines. There hasn’t been much reason for me to smile at the news over the last few years.

Today I woke up, sick as a dog and called in to work, turned on the TV and got my first hope in years for the future of America. Like mostly all sane decisions to come out lately, it comes to us from the courts. Zacarias Moussaoui has been sentenced to life in prison, ruling out the death penalty for the government’s boogeyman.

The jury no doubt saw Moussaoui for what he was, a mentally disturbed terrorist wannabe, which is remarkable taking into account the noise created by the prosecution and the government.

And watch the nut job heads explode.

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and… the United States. Those four countries are responsible for 94% of executions in the world. I may be inherently biased, because I believe that the death penalty isn’t applicable in any case, but is this really the company these right wingers want to keep?

If they really want to send a message to terrorists worldwide, maybe they should put some effort into tracking down those actually responsible for the attacks.


Blogger Butchieboy said...

Yeah Canada!!!

2:17 PM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger AnnieAngel said...

Sorry, timmah, I dodnt' know yu were my friend. YOu're unbanned. Thanks. I can;t undersatnd the friendship I'm being shown, I'm not used to it.

God Bless you < I'm sorry.

2:42 PM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger teh l4m3 said...

Well clearly the only way to beat the terrorists is to act as much like them as possible. Clearly.

10:19 AM, May 09, 2006  

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